Day 8 – Recycle

I’ve been very literal with my topic interpretation, although I guess the aim of this project isn’t to create mind-blowingly abstract briefs! Today is no exception, and I decided to create an ad to encourage recycling. I thought the best way of doing that was through employing recycling as a technique, so I used my mediocre hand-lettering on a recycled paper bag, and created what I would describe as a very rough first draft!

I’ve been studying calligraphy, but I’m still very much a novice, particularly when it comes to creating more type-like designs, and in creating dynamic layouts. In particular I’m not too keen on the ornamentation I’ve used (and the photography is rubbish) but you get the idea. Given more time I think I could refine this into an effective communication. xx Laura

Day 8 - Recycling


Day 7: fashion. I decided to create a business card for a fictional fashion label, ‘Alice Evan’, as it’s something I could create without getting bogged down in collections that don’t exist. Going on the recent trends of digital prints, and crystals, I took a stock image of Agate, and manipulated it for use in the background and the text. I then sampled a colour from the image and used it for the back of the card.

I envisage this card being printed on a heavy matte stock. At this point in time a matte stock gives the impression of quality, and even authenticity (although these things tend to go full circle!). xx Laura

Day 7 - fashion-01

Day 6 – Argyle

So, I’ve been very literal with the topic of argyle, and decided to create an argyle pattern with a focus on colour and texture. I think argyle is a pretty daggy pattern, and I did what I could to make it a little more interesting and attractive. I started with this photo of a gorgeous screen print by artist John Hoyland.

Pink Block on Green (New York Suite) - John Hoyland

Pink Block on Green (New York Suite) – John Hoyland

So I took the colours, and inspiration from the painted texture, and came up with this:

Day 6 - argyle-01

Here it is repeated on a bigger scale. Finally getting my head around the beast of repeating patterns on Illustrator! xxLaura

Day 6 - argyle2

Day 5 – Unibrow

It was another challenge to come up with a brief for Unibrow. I decided it was time to make Unibrows cool again, and opted for a poster advertising Unibrows, or Monobrows, as I’ve heard them more commonly referred to.

I came up with a very simple design, in black and white, which is definitely a favourite of mine. In the end I had two layouts and couldn’t decide on one, so I’m putting them both up! Do you think it could become a trend? xxLaura


Day 4 – Cat Memes

I fell a bit behind this week, but I’m back with day 4 today. I’m determined to keep going and finish the 30 days, even if it takes a little longer than planned.

So, day 4: cat memes. It was a tricky topic to base a brief on, but I finally settled on an infographic. I love a good infographic, and they can be really dynamic and interesting pieces of communication if done well. I decided to go for a simple black and white, as choosing a range of colours I was happy with was going to be a bit complicated given the time I had for such an involved piece.

Most of the stats I could find involved more than just memes, but viral videos etc as well, so I changed the title from Cat Memes to Cats + the internet. Given the limited time I had I’m happy with the outcome, but not thrilled. I’d like to work a bit on the layout and making it more of a jigsaw puzzle fit. I’m also not thrilled about the choice of font (Futura), but given the tight layout changing it late in the piece was too time consuming. I’d also love to play around with some more illustrations and framing etc if I had more time. xx Laura

day 3 - cat memes

Day 3 – Chrome

I took today’s topic pretty literally, and perhaps a littly lazily, being a Sunday, and decided to go for a simple text representation of Chrome. It’s a slick kind of look that is quite unlike my normal style, which I would say is more lo-fi. Still, I thought I should push my boundaries, and came up with this. I’m not too displeased with the result, although it’s just not a look I’m completely enamoured with. Still, a little versatility is a nice thing, and I’m keen to push a few more boundaries before this month is up.

Day 3 - chrome

Day 2 – Ice Cream

Day two started with an ambitious idea – to create carton packaging for ice cream. Something like this gorgeous packaging from Drew Roper of Print Steady (although in its 2D non-printed form!):



So, I started by creating a repeat pattern of the ingredients of one of my favourite ice cream flavours: chocolate, (salted) caramel and hazelnut. This took a while, navigating Illustrator and working out how to create something that resembled a drop of caramel. I was really happy with the final result, and think I’m finally getting the method for creating a repeating pattern down pat. So, I wasn’t entirely thrilled for Illustrator to crash on my MacBook, and to realise sheepishly that I hadn’t saved my work. SAVE YOUR WORK! What a rookie mistake!

So, while it might have been easier the second time, I wasn’t quite prepared to redo my whole design. Therefore I’ve created this little illustration for day two instead. xx Laura

Day 2 - ice cream

1 month of… graphic design

After quitting my job earlier this year, I’ve come to have a small identity crisis… what’s new? I’ve always struggled to find my feet when it comes to career choices, I think because I’m interested in so many things. I’ve studied for years, ending up with degrees in Visual Arts and Education and a Masters in Law. I love the law, but working in the area I have a constant thirst to embark on a more creative career. It is what I’ve been skirting around since I finished school – first with my Art degree – trying to incorporate it into a career as a teacher, and then pursuing law with the intention of working with artists in the area of Intellectual Property. Due to the horrific jobs shortage in the law, this dream is seeming more and more remote, and I’ve decided to regroup and redirect. Cliché as it is, life is way too short to be doing anything less than something you love – maybe not always – but hopefully most of the time! My problem is deciding exactly which route to take going down the wide and exciting road of creative career choices. So, I’ve decided to give creative pursuits a go, one at a time for a month each. I think the idea might stem vaguely from the book How to Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric, which I read late last year. The book suggests taking a ‘radical sabbatical’; that is, to take a pause from your regular job to try a bunch of careers out before committing to one. For me, I need a structure to try out some creative avenues and hopefully base a business or find a job in one of these. So without further ado, I introduce my first month, DESIGN.

I always had a hankering to be a graphic designer. It was my dream in high school to get into a Visual Communication course, but despite getting crazy good marks and a bit of praise from my teachers and classmates, I didn’t pull together a good enough folio to get accepted. While I didn’t end up studying design, the dream has always stayed on the back burner, so I’ve decided to embark on a 30 day challenge, inspired by 30 Days of Creativity, and their calendar of creative topics from their 30 day challenge in 2011. My parameters are to come up with a relevant ‘client’ to the topic, a single piece of visual communication (or perhaps a suite if I’m feeling ambitious!), like a logo or a poster, and to create it in whatever time I have that day. The point is mostly to get the creative juices flowing, try out the discipline, perhaps generate some folio fodder, and to gather some feedback, if anyone happens to stumble across my page! If you do, any constructive comments are very welcome. I also invite you to embark on your own month long journey. Here is the infographic I’m using – I think you could adapt it to almost any creative discipline – art, illustration, writing… etc! tumblr_llpq35pdkQ1qbl53no1_1280 Ignore the month, I’m just starting at day one, as of tomorrow. I’ll be dreaming of bikes tonight. Wish me luck! Please let me know if you start your own challenge, I’d love to have some company.   xx Laura