Day 2 – Ice Cream

Day two started with an ambitious idea – to create carton packaging for ice cream. Something like this gorgeous packaging from Drew Roper of Print Steady (although in its 2D non-printed form!):



So, I started by creating a repeat pattern of the ingredients of one of my favourite ice cream flavours: chocolate, (salted) caramel and hazelnut. This took a while, navigating Illustrator and working out how to create something that resembled a drop of caramel. I was really happy with the final result, and think I’m finally getting the method for creating a repeating pattern down pat. So, I wasn’t entirely thrilled for Illustrator to crash on my MacBook, and to realise sheepishly that I hadn’t saved my work. SAVE YOUR WORK! What a rookie mistake!

So, while it might have been easier the second time, I wasn’t quite prepared to redo my whole design. Therefore I’ve created this little illustration for day two instead. xx Laura

Day 2 - ice cream

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