Day 8 – Recycle

I’ve been very literal with my topic interpretation, although I guess the aim of this project isn’t to create mind-blowingly abstract briefs! Today is no exception, and I decided to create an ad to encourage recycling. I thought the best way of doing that was through employing recycling as a technique, so I used my mediocre hand-lettering on a recycled paper bag, and created what I would describe as a very rough first draft!

I’ve been studying calligraphy, but I’m still very much a novice, particularly when it comes to creating more type-like designs, and in creating dynamic layouts. In particular I’m not too keen on the ornamentation I’ve used (and the photography is rubbish) but you get the idea. Given more time I think I could refine this into an effective communication. xx Laura

Day 8 - Recycling


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