Day 4 – Cat Memes

I fell a bit behind this week, but I’m back with day 4 today. I’m determined to keep going and finish the 30 days, even if it takes a little longer than planned.

So, day 4: cat memes. It was a tricky topic to base a brief on, but I finally settled on an infographic. I love a good infographic, and they can be really dynamic and interesting pieces of communication if done well. I decided to go for a simple black and white, as choosing a range of colours I was happy with was going to be a bit complicated given the time I had for such an involved piece.

Most of the stats I could find involved more than just memes, but viral videos etc as well, so I changed the title from Cat Memes to Cats + the internet. Given the limited time I had I’m happy with the outcome, but not thrilled. I’d like to work a bit on the layout and making it more of a jigsaw puzzle fit. I’m also not thrilled about the choice of font (Futura), but given the tight layout changing it late in the piece was too time consuming. I’d also love to play around with some more illustrations and framing etc if I had more time. xx Laura

day 3 - cat memes

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