1 month of… graphic design

After quitting my job earlier this year, I’ve come to have a small identity crisis… what’s new? I’ve always struggled to find my feet when it comes to career choices, I think because I’m interested in so many things. I’ve studied for years, ending up with degrees in Visual Arts and Education and a Masters in Law. I love the law, but working in the area I have a constant thirst to embark on a more creative career. It is what I’ve been skirting around since I finished school – first with my Art degree – trying to incorporate it into a career as a teacher, and then pursuing law with the intention of working with artists in the area of Intellectual Property. Due to the horrific jobs shortage in the law, this dream is seeming more and more remote, and I’ve decided to regroup and redirect. Cliché as it is, life is way too short to be doing anything less than something you love – maybe not always – but hopefully most of the time! My problem is deciding exactly which route to take going down the wide and exciting road of creative career choices. So, I’ve decided to give creative pursuits a go, one at a time for a month each. I think the idea might stem vaguely from the book How to Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric, which I read late last year. The book suggests taking a ‘radical sabbatical’; that is, to take a pause from your regular job to try a bunch of careers out before committing to one. For me, I need a structure to try out some creative avenues and hopefully base a business or find a job in one of these. So without further ado, I introduce my first month, DESIGN.

I always had a hankering to be a graphic designer. It was my dream in high school to get into a Visual Communication course, but despite getting crazy good marks and a bit of praise from my teachers and classmates, I didn’t pull together a good enough folio to get accepted. While I didn’t end up studying design, the dream has always stayed on the back burner, so I’ve decided to embark on a 30 day challenge, inspired by 30 Days of Creativity, and their calendar of creative topics from their 30 day challenge in 2011. My parameters are to come up with a relevant ‘client’ to the topic, a single piece of visual communication (or perhaps a suite if I’m feeling ambitious!), like a logo or a poster, and to create it in whatever time I have that day. The point is mostly to get the creative juices flowing, try out the discipline, perhaps generate some folio fodder, and to gather some feedback, if anyone happens to stumble across my page! If you do, any constructive comments are very welcome. I also invite you to embark on your own month long journey. Here is the infographic I’m using – I think you could adapt it to almost any creative discipline – art, illustration, writing… etc! tumblr_llpq35pdkQ1qbl53no1_1280 Ignore the month, I’m just starting at day one, as of tomorrow. I’ll be dreaming of bikes tonight. Wish me luck! Please let me know if you start your own challenge, I’d love to have some company.   xx Laura

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